Our hotel consists of seven individually decorated unique rooms. Inside, it has a wide range of lounges and common areas for guests to relax. Interior finishes and details that will delight you; colourful rooms with wooden ceilings; large oak timbers and hand-cut stones; weathered metals combined in a rich and colourful rendition of the past, all mixed with a modern elegance, Apeiros Chora was built to represent the best features of Zagori. “Apeiros Chora”, alongside a relaxing environment, phenomenal hospitality and unique breakfast options, was foremost built to express its heritage. We are your home away from home, and want to take care of all your needs and plans while you engage this magical region.


We hope to welcome you here soon!

Purple suite | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Purple Suite
Green room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Pink room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Blue room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Yellow room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Brown room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
Khaki room | Apeiros Chora Mansion
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