Zagori – Zagorochoria

Zagori villages, often called “Zagorochoria”, means “the place beyond the mountains”, and is a network of 46 homogeneous villages with unique characteristics and regional history to the rest of Greece and Epirus. For centuries the region constituted a separate residential, historical and cultural charter, fully protected by the various governments overseeing it. Authentic Greek traditions thrive here. As a result you will find Zagori-based customs and culinary products so distinctive to these villages that won’t appear anywhere else in the country. Alongside its welcoming people, Zagori is blessed with tremendous natural diversity and beauty. “Vikos” Gorge, the deepest in the world, a Unesco geopark and “Voidomatis” River are the crown jewels of our region, and core offerings to Greece’s largest National Park of Northern Pindos, in which Zagori is fully integrated. The lush greenery; the rare species of animals and birds; the crystal clear waters of the river and the distinct architecture of stone, slate roofs and wood that characterizes the region, come together to form the hidden gem called Zagori, perhaps one of the most picturesque destinations in all of mainland Greece.