They have ruined it for me…! George and Athina I mean…

Ever since I stayed for the first time at their enchanting guest house Apeiros Chora (meaning endless country in Greek), two and a half years ago, the hospitality bar was set sky-high! Such is my joy when visiting, that this year, I spent there Easter, part of my summer holidays (10 whole days nevertheless), and recently celebrated the coming of the New Year with the most fun group of friends!

I have to warn you! The moment you set foot in the property, your first thought is to schedule your next visit for an encore!

Apeiros Chora is a 200-year-old property, located in Kato Pedina, one of the most traditional settlements among the Zagori villages. Perched at an altitude of 950m, it is within a 35-minute drive from the capital of Epirus, Ioannina in Northern Greece. The stone manor was the family home of George. It has been beautifully restored by his adorable wife Athina, preserving the authenticity of the architecture in the area, but also offering all the comforts and tranquility one may ask for. Including super fast Internet connection! The awe-inspiring views calm the soul and the spirit of any visitor. This small hotel is located right across the main square, some 100 meters away from the village’s traditional tavern-cafe.


The facilities

The interior finishes have details that will delight you; colorful rooms with wooden ceilings, large oak timbers and hand-cut stones; weathered metals combined in a rich and colorful rendition of the past, all mixed with a modern elegance. The facilities include: a Winter lounge with fireplace, a Lobby and study lounge, a Game room with TV-home cinema, a Relaxation area equipped with a steam bath & jacuzzi, outdoor living areas throughout the property…

The breakfast, served on a long communal table in the main kitchen, is a delightful daily ritual, where mouth-watering recipes are served (eggs, home-made cakes and marmalades, pies, fruit juices, freshly brewed coffee…).

Upon return from the excursions and activities of the day, one is welcomed by Athina with a cup of spicy hot chocolate in the winter or a glass of chilled “vouzada” in the summer. Tsipouro is always part of the agenda… Of course, in the end, it’s the hospitality of the owners that makes all the difference!



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