COVID19: Our Health in hygienic unstable times!

COVID19: Our Health in hygienic unstable times!

Thank you for your interest in our hotel.

From our beginning, a key part of our philosophy was and is the health and safety as well as, the personal care of our guests.

Therefore today with the pandemic in progress, in addition to the regular and thorough general cleaning practices that we constantly apply, choosing to stay with us, we provide our guests with a number of personalized and tailored made services aimed at restraining the threat that COVID is.

Therefore, in your stay with us, you will experience a number of additional sanitary measures we have put in force following the official health directives given, as follows:

  • electronic check-in and check-out
  • additional daily precautions taken by our staff
  • disinfectants for personal use in parallel to disposable masks and gloves
  • individual breakfast services with distances between tables and their seats
  • temporary closure of our SPA services, etc.


Generally, for all of you that value health above all, please note that our village Kato Pedina of Zagori, is one of those places in our country that have the lowest density of inhabitants per square meter and happens to be 15 minutes away from the nearest Health and Patient transport ambulance service Center in the region, Doliana Epirus. We are also 45 minutes’ drive away from the world acclaimed university hospital of Ioannina, privileges that if anything, ensure the title of a well-prepared holiday location, and in case any medical need arises.

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