Restoration – Interior design

The recently completed renovation of the mansion was performed by the owner itself an acclaimed interior designer and stylist Mrs. Athina Aslanidou. Having lived the house for many summers, Mrs. Aslanidou personally supervised the restoration of the mansion from house to hotel with the aim to preserve the authenticity of the manor in terms of its history, tradition and local architectural principles. As a result at Apeiros Chora now days not only you do have easy access across Zagori and the city of Ioannina, but you also organically experience the history of the region, which comes alive within the mansion. Special care has been taken for the interiors a contrast to the austere exteriors. Thus the reception and sleeping areas of the house have been meticulously maintained by employing the use of oak or stone pavements assimilating the past. Still each room of the house has retained its unique light calm tones colors, murals, partitions, wooden ceilings and doors. The furnishing combines the work and travel experiences of the family and same as in the past; perfectly blends rural classical local and European styles with touches of classical urban influences. By paying homage to tradition and the manor’s authentic character, in present renovation we have preserved intact the cultural, historical and architectural elements that differentiate it. In parallel we have enriched it with decisive contemporary services that today’s traveler are looking for. These include eco friendly, “green” energy and environmental choices, “smart” home abilities and comfort choices that aim to a relaxing holiday escape into the Greek countryside. By offering to its guest hospitality services in an exclusive home like atmosphere that cares for the needs and the vacation time of any visitor; we hope that you will decide to discover and finally like the talents and hidden passages of ‘Apeiros Chora” hotel to the fullest extent thus making your stay in the Zagorochoria region an unforgettable experience.