Through personal experience, Apeiros Chora and Zagori is a special place to celebrate one of your life’s most significant milestones. Athina and Georgios, the 7th generation owners of the Mansion, got married in Kato Pedina, and the 8th generation owner, Xenofon, was baptized here. This land has been uniquely supportive of our family. We find that milestones like these are exclusively individual engulfed in the stone nature and beauty of Zagori; and we want to extend this experience to you, welcoming you and your loved ones to spend your life’s magical moment here as well. We are very good at this as well. Since 2014 we have organized both weddings and baptisms in our guesthouse. We know how to make your special day run as smoothly as you have always imagined, and we still want to hear your stories and questions at [email protected]. Alternatively, Apeiros Chora can offer the calmness and focus necessary for professional meetings and small team retreats. If you wish, you can exclusively reserve our guesthouse to accommodate your needs. Again, feel free to contact us by email with questions and booking requests.