Mansion Amenities


Since late 2014, our guesthouse opened its doors to the pioneering travelers of the world after a complete renovation. The house, one of the traditional family mansions distinctive to the region, was first built in the late-1600s and still belongs to the founding family. Today the 8th generation of descendants of the Mansion’s founders is actively engaged with making the experience of the Apeiros Chora guests extraordinary. With only a handful of similar guesthouses across Europe, and arguably none of the like in Zagori, Apeiros Chora top-tier amenities, has set the standard for the hospitality quality that the modern traveler has come to demand. As was right in the past, the kitchen is the heart of our guesthouse. It is furnished with a traditional gourmet stove, as well as with modern equipment like our oven and fridge. The kitchen is used for various happenings, including our award-winning breakfast and any other needs that our guests have. On a daily basis, our dining table, inspired by the memories of the house, is filled with scents and mouth-watering delicacies for the enjoyment of our guests. Additionally, Apeiros Chora offers our customers exclusive use of our small spa, which includes a Jacuzzi, a Hammam and a gym. Depending on season our guests have the choices to enjoy our bar, entertainment area, library, garden courtyards and a selection of living room areas suitable for either spring and summertime or fall and wintertime.