Traditional Greek Hospitality in Zagori, Epirus at the National park of Pindus in Northern Greece

Mansion’s History

The initial construction of the mansion began in the mid of 16th century and continually expanded over the next hundred years. The mansion’s double square shape which is present today, came with the addition of a floor after the extensive renovation works completed on September 20, 1861. The finishing external touches, including the main exterior door, the entrance cobblestone and the mansion’s stables, were refined in a 2nd renovation which concluded on August 12, 1896.

Until the start of the Second World War, the manor was in full operation, producing milk products, cereals, viticulture and beeswax, sometimes “engaging in” and sometimes “following” the diverse history of the region. Over time the dwelling has encountered countless joys, pains, celebrations and gatherings and has witnessed every major event in the history of the area over the past three centuries.