Main entrance to the traditional Hotel Apeiros Chora in K. Pedina Zagori, Greece


The Mansion “Apeiros Chora” is situated in Kato Pedina one of the most traditional settlements among the Zagori villages. Perched at an altitude of 950m, it is within a 35-minute drive from the capital of Epirus, Ioannina. The village overlooks the valley of 4,000 acres, which is a serene feature for the area. The awe-inspiring view calms the soul and the spirit of any visitor. Our small hotel is placed right across the main square, a mere 100 meters away, from the village’s traditional tavern-cafe. The very easy access to Ioannina and the nearby Zagori landmarks and villages (Central and West Zagori), as well as the Pogoni and Konitsa regions, makes our guest inn the ideal place for any traveler who wants to enjoy his or her vacation in this unspoiled, waiting- to- be- discovered part of northern Greece.

The recently completed renovation of the hotel was aimed at preserving the authenticity of the manor in terms of its history, tradition and local architectural principles. By respecting the culture of the region and the house’s character, our guests are able to discover and immerse themselves into the past and thus experience the genuine flavor of Zagorochoria. Parallel to its articulated past, our unique hotel is fitted with qualities that are indispensable for today’s modern traveler like the use of environmental friendly materials and access to modern technology, all which enhance the Zagori experience. “Apeiros Chora” manages to express its cultural heritage while offering its guests hospitality services in an exclusive home like atmosphere that takes care of the needs and the vacation plans of any visitors to the area.