Fall in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos and the Zagori region

Zagorochoria – Zagori

Zagori, translated means “the place behind the mountain”. It is a “network of 46 villages”, other name “Zagorochoria”, each with unique characteristics and history. For centuries the region and its surroundings constituted a separate residential, historical and cultural unity, which spans the mountainous area of about one thousand square kilometers and is divided into Eastern, Western and Central Zagori. Authentic Greek traditions still thrive here right along with the “Vikos” Gorge and the “Voidomatis” River which run throughout the area and now days forms the core of Greece’s largest National Park.
The lush greenery, the rare species of animals and birds, the crystal waters of the river, the distinct architecture of stone and wood that characterizes the region (old stone bridges, mansions, churches, schools, cobblestone paths and village squares), all come together to form gorgeous scenery that is dramatically different from all of Europe.  This hidden gem called Zagori or Zagorochoria, is perhaps one of the most picturesque, sought-after destinations in all of Greece and a well-worthwhile for any traveler to discover.