Welcome to our guesthouse “Apeiros Chora”. Translated, it means “Endless Country”. It is located in Kato Pedina in the center of “Zagori villages” area, also known as “Zagorochoria”, in Epirus, Northern Greece. We welcome you to this area of timeless beauty and amazing landscape and invite you to enjoy our hospitality while surrounded with the harmony of nature and the sanctuary of our classically built stone house.

With our hotel as the epicenter of your journey to the Zagori region, you can visit quaint historic villages, old stone bridges, churches and monasteries which are interspersed throughout the area. You can walk the astonishingly deep “Vikos“Gorge and its surrounding trails, mirror yourself in the crystal waters of the “Voidomatis” River and experience, in full, the history of the region and its inhabitants. Alternatively, engulfed by the authenticity and tranquility of our small hotel, you can simply enjoy the view of the natural valley and the beautiful countryside that are spread open in front of it along with a glass of wine! Whether you are in a mood to relax or in a mood for an excursion, “Apeiros Chora” is ready to offer you an exclusive home atmosphere with unmatched personal services, because we believe that where you stay is vital to your experience.